Westwood Holdings Group launched the Westwood Salient Enhanced Energy Income ETF the second Westwood Exchange-Traded-Fund (ETF). Like its sister product, the Westwood Salient Enhanced Midstream Income ETF, WEEI is an actively managed ETF crafted to provide advisors and investors with a robust solution for generating high distributable monthly income, combining dividend yield and options premiums from covered calls, while still offering the potential for equity appreciation within the energy sector. The Fund?s objective is current income and capital appreciation.

In contrast to MDST?s exclusive midstream exposure, WEEI also offers exposure to a broad spectrum of energy companies including upstream, downstream, oil service and integrated companies that operate in all phases of oil exploration, production, service and distribution. This diversified exposure to the energy industry means WEEI?s portfolio is more closely tied to commodity pricing which can be volatile, providing the potential for high income generation from options premiums. WEEI seeks to be more diversified, not as top-heavy, more selective and more nimble than commonly-held energy ETFs. It seeks to enhance traditional energy exposure with a significant added income component, making it an attractive option for retail investors seeking both income and total return.