The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) is committed to developing new energy application solutions and is preparing to extract hydrogen directly from its gas network to provide hydrogen to users through the underground pipeline network across the territory.

The hydrogen supply solution is cost-effective and does not generate any additional carbon footprint, which helps promote hydrogen energy application in Hong Kong.

The hydrogen supply facility, located at the Tai Po Gas Production Plant of Towngas, was provisionally approved for testing by the Hydrogen Energy Interdepartmental Working Group led by the Environment and Ecology Bureau (EEB) in March this year. The testing situation is currently satisfactory.

Half of the artificial gas produced by Towngas is composed of hydrogen gas. The hydrogen supply facility uses 'pressure swing adsorption technology' to extract hydrogen from the gas network with a purity of up to 99.99%, which is suitable for hydrogen fuel cell power generation. The hydrogen extraction facility is built according to internationally recognised standards and specifications, together with Towngas' rich experience in handling gas and hydrogen for more than 160 years, and therefore is safe and reliable.

Through the underground gas pipeline network covering the entire Hong Kong, with a total length of 3,700 kilometres, customers can use safe and efficient hydrogen energy by installing hydrogen extraction devices at their end.

Using gas pipelines to deliver hydrogen has many advantages. Firstly, this solution does not require the replacement of pipelines, avoiding large-scale infrastructure construction and providing cost-effective hydrogen energy to Hong Kong. Secondly, it does not involve the transportation of hydrogen by road vehicles, avoiding potential risks associated with road transport and saving transportation costs, while significantly reducing additional carbon emissions.

Hydrogen is distributed with town gas through underground pipelines and is not affected by weather and road traffic conditions, achieving 'on-demand' and uninterrupted supply.

Hydrogen energy can be applied to buses and heavy vehicles, as well as other modes of transport, such as ships and railways. Towngas is optimistic about the future development of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong and has been in close communication with different stakeholders, including the Government, business organisations, bus operators, environmental groups, etc., to promote the implementation of hydrogen energy technology in Hong Kong. Specific plans will be announced in the second half of this year to actively support the country's 30-60 dual carbon goals and the Special Administrative Region's 2050 carbon neutrality strategy.


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