further to letter dated February 07, 2024, mentioning the decision of the Board of Directors of S H Kelkar and Company Limited ('Company') to incorporate a wholly owned subsidiary in New Jersey, United States of America, the incorporation of WOS - Keva USA Inc., has been completed under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware as on February 28, 2024 (GMT). Authorised Capital: 10,000 shares of $1.00 each. Turnover: Nil.

The incorporated Company being a WOS is a related party of the Company. The promoters/promoter group does not have any interest other than as above mentioned. Industry to which the entity being acquired belongs: F&F. To evaluate the potential of the local market and monetize library of products under the Company's portfolio including patented molecules to service the local customer therein.

Keva's presence in the largest fragrance and flavour market will also enable the Company to connect and service large Global MNCs. Consideration - cash. Cost of acquisition and/or the price at which the shares are acquired: Initial subscription to shares would be at face value.

Percentage of shareholding/control acquired and/or number of shares acquired: 100%. Country of incorporation: United States of America (USA). Date of Incorporation: February 28, 2024 ­ GMT.