Robex Resources Inc. announced management changes. Effective April 11, 2023: Benjamin Cohen, the current Chief Executive Officer of the company, becomes President of the company and Aurélien Bonneviot, the current Director of Investor Relations and Business Development of the company, becomes Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. Aurélien Bonneviot has been the Director of Investor Relations and Business Development of Robex since December 14, 2020.

Mr. Bonneviot has more than a decade of experience in capital markets and was most recently Senior Investment Manager at Greenstone Resources, a private equity fund specializing in the mining sector. Aurélien Bonneviot started as a sell-side mining analyst at Société Générale and Oddo-BHF and subsequently moved to the buy side as commodities analyst and portfolio manager at SMA Gestion. In 2014, Aurélien Bonneviot joined Louis Dreyfus Metals (now IXM) as a Business Development Manager until its acquisition by China Molybdenum in 2018.

Mr. Bonneviot graduated with a Bachelor of Physics, MSc in Finance and should soon obtain a professional MSc in Mining Engineering at Camborne School of Mines, United Kingdom. In his new role as Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Aurélien Bonneviot will be a direct report to the President and will be responsible for, among other things, overseeing the implementation of Robex's strategic plan and leading an executive team to deliver superior performance. Mr. Benjamin Cohen has been the Chief Executive Officer of Robex since February 7, 2019 and a member of the Board of Directors since February 28, 2014.

General Manager for 6 years in a construction company in Grenada in the Caribbean comprising an average of 200 employees, he developed a private island to the highest European standards. He then continued to manage many assets and investments made under the Cohen Group. In his new role as President of the Company, Benjamin Cohen will have the primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Robex's business in accordance with Robex's strategic and business plans and budgets, as approved by the Board of Directors.

He will have ultimate accountability, through the Board of Directors, for the successful management of Robex, and for execution of policies, plans, and strategies agreed upon by the Board of Directors.