RateGain Travel Technologies Limited announced an upgrade to Adara's Destination Expenditure Reports, which are used by leading tourism boards and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) across the world to understand spending patterns of visitors at the destination. With this new enhancement, DMOs will be able to track spending patterns for visitors from over 25 origin markets, as well as the top 25 merchants within that destination, giving them a more granular view of what visitors love to spend at their destination. Adara is the only player in the destination marketing space that offers anonymized expenditure analyses for visitors and co-relates it to the destination's digital advertisement efforts.

By gaining visibility into visitor spending volume tied to marketing efforts, a DMO can measure how effective its marketing has been, along with understanding visitor preferences and measuring the economic impact of tourism as a whole. The reports' measurement capabilities allow destinations to see credit card spending across advertising partners they are working with and track spending patterns across multiple categories like restaurants, bars, gas stations, attractions, and more for 195 million Individuals and 40 million households in the United States alone.