Poolbeg Pharma announced the positive outputs from the lab-based analysis and successful prioritisation of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus ('RSV') drug targets and treatments identified as part of its artificial intelligence ('AI') led programme. Poolbeg's team of scientific experts have reviewed the comprehensive data package obtained from this lab-based analysis and has strategically prioritised a select number of the RSV drug candidates that were analysed. The Company is actively exploring the most effective way to progress the prioritised drug candidates in order to generate value.

Poolbeg believes the data obtained reflects the high potential of this AI-led programme and supports its partnering efforts. The global interest in AI-led drug discovery continues to grow, with major pharmaceutical players making substantial investments in the field. Poolbeg's RSV AI programme identified these drug treatment candidates in just 10 months.

AI-led drug discovery can accelerate the timeline achievable which reduces costs while also decreasing risks and providing a higher likelihood of success in bringing therapies to patients.