Irakly Arison, CEO of Grindr, points out that although the company is still making a loss, these losses have been significantly reduced and are mainly linked to the warrants resulting from the merger with the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). These warrants have no impact on Grindr's operational solidity, which is showing an operating profit. The company's adjusted EBITDA margin improved to 40%.

In terms of investment, Grindr is focusing on product innovation, in particular with the launch of a new chat architecture. This innovation allows users' conversations to be retained even when they change phones, responding to a frequent complaint from users. Arison also reveals that Grindr is working to expand its functionality beyond matchmaking, looking to the future of dating and developing features that will meet user expectations in two years' time, particularly through artificial intelligence (AI). 

Finally, Arison mentions that Grindr is currently recruiting. 50% of its team was recruited last quarter, and the company is actively looking for new talent.


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