Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited announced at the AGM held on March 31, 2023, Approved a dividend payment from the operating results of the Company and its subsidiaries for the year 2022 at THB 0.50 per share, totaling THB 1,409,864,683.50 or approximately 158 % of the net profit based on the consolidated financial statements. After the deduction of the interim dividend for the first half of 2022 at THB 0.20 per share, totaling THB 563,945,873.40; the Company will pay the remaining dividend for the second half of 2022 (July 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022) performances at THB 0.30 per share, totaling THB 845,918,810.10, which the dividend of THB 0.30 per share, paid from the retained earnings with 20% Corporate Income Tax, can be credited at 20/80 of the dividend. GPSC will pay the dividend to the shareholders whose names appear on the date to determine the shareholders who are entitled to receive the dividend payment (Record Date) on February 27, 2023, and the dividend payment of THB 0.30 per share will be paid on April 19, 2023.