Business description: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Diversified Energy Company PLC is an independent energy company. The Company is engaged in the production, marketing, and transportation of natural gas and associated liquids from its complementary onshore upstream and midstream assets, primarily located within the Appalachian and Central Regions of the United States. Its asset base is comprised of conventional and unconventional natural gas, natural gas liquids, and oil-producing wells. The Company’s portfolio consists of the production of primarily natural gas wells and gathering systems located within the Appalachia and Central Region. Its midstream and marketing have its portfolio contains approximately 17,000 miles of gathering and transportation lines and associated compression stations located throughout its operating footprint. The Company's operations are located in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

Number of employees: 1,603

Sales by Activity: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

Produces and Transports Natural Gas, NGLs and Oil

45Cr 39Cr 100.76Cr 184.55Cr 81Cr
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Geographical breakdown of sales: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

United States of America

45Cr 39Cr 100.76Cr 184.55Cr 81Cr
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Managers: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Manager TitleAgeSince
Founder 55 01/01/01
Director of Finance/CFO 56 24/16/24
Comptroller/Controller/Auditor - 23/18/23
Corporate Officer/Principal - -

Members of the board: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Director TitleAgeSince
Founder 55 01/01/01
Director/Board Member 60 01/15/01
Chairman 64 03/17/03
Composition of the Board of Directors

Shareholders: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Jupiter Asset Management Ltd.
5.041 %
2,385,205 5.041 % 32 M p
Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.
4.925 %
2,330,007 4.925 % 31 M p
M&G Investment Management Ltd.
4.069 %
1,925,032 4.069 % 26 M p
M&G Investment Management Ltd.
3.626 %
1,715,623 3.626 % 23 M p
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd.
3.137 %
1,484,083 3.137 % 20 M p

Company details: Diversified Energy Company PLC

Diversified Energy Co. Plc

1600 Corporate Drive

35242-5415, Birmingham

+205 408 0909
address Diversified Energy Company PLC(DEC)

Group companies: Diversified Energy Company PLC

NameCategory and Sector
DGOC Holdings Sub III LLC
Carbon West Virginia Co. LLC
Diversified ABS II LLC
Integrated Oil
Contract Drilling
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Other Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

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Change 5d. change 1-year change 3-years change Capi. ($)
-1.86%-2.64%-35.75%-39.25% 76Cr
-1.62%-2.21%-4.66%+56.06% 29TCr
-1.45%-3.98%-3.58%+99.87% 13TCr
-0.49%-9.56%+66.26%+150.92% 13TCr
-2.06%-2.96%+21.32%+132.94% 7.53TCr
-1.44%-4.84%-0.79%+72.60% 7.29TCr
-1.47%-2.97%-3.28%+126.77% 5.43TCr
-1.92%-2.24%+1.03%+97.88% 4.61TCr
-2.79%-4.76%+37.83%+154.47% 3.65TCr
-3.74%-6.07%-24.37%+21.92% 3.6TCr
Average -1.87%-2.34%+5.40%+87.42% 8.72TCr
Weighted average by Cap. -1.57%-2.79%+9.92%+94.00%
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