Digi International Inc. announced the market launch of Digi IX40, a 5G edge computing industrial IoT cellular router solution. Digi IX40 is purpose-built for Industry 4.0 use cases such as advanced robotics, predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, industrial automation and smart manufacturing. The Digi IX40 cellular solution supports 5G connectivity and edge intelligence, allowing enterprises to seamlessly connect multiple machines (wired or wireless) in the most demanding environments, optimizing the integration of cloud-delivered operational technology (OT) services with information technology (IT) to enable network-wide visibility, monitoring and control.

Its all-in-one design, powerful computing capabilities and integrated memory also promote real-time data processing, remote monitoring and precision analytics which are highly important for critical applications in industrial automation, utilities, renewable energy, oil and gas and digital signage. Key use cases for this solution include: Industry 4.0: Manufacturing process automation; Industrial automation and control; Precision monitoring and control; Condition-based monitoring; Predictive maintenance; Advanced robotics; 5G cellular and fiber failover; Utilities: Real-time monitoring and control; Smart grid distribution automation; Commercial and industrial metering; Renewable energy; Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS); Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); Oil and gas: Oil field drilling monitoring; Pump station monitoring; Smart cities: Digital signage; Traffic management. Unlike competitors, Digi IX40 is priced reasonably for its advanced features and customized services.

Edge Computing with Digi Containers; Edge Computing can be defined simply as data processing that takes place at the "edge" of the network, that is, in close physical proximity to the machines and processes that IoT devices are monitoring or controlling. Digi Containers, a Digi value-added service, augments the Digi IX40 solution to facilitate cost-effective applications via lightweight Linux containers, giving businesses additional flexibility and scalability for their Industry 4.0 initiatives. Digi is proud to provide not only a Digi Containers solution for customers who want to run their own custom applications or binaries on Digi IX40, but also provide vetted access to software from leaders in the Industry 4.0, Networking 2.0, and industrial protocol services.

Here's a list of some of Digi's key technology alliances for Industry 4.0 solutions, all of which are available with Digi IX40 running Digi Containers: Binary Armor in-line cybersecurity for M2M communication; Ignition Edge Computing; and Ignition Edge Computing.