Digi International introduced Digi Connect®? Sensor XRT-M, the latest addition to its remote monitoring and control portfolio. Powered by Digi Axess, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is designed to deliver reliable and seamless remote monitoring and management.

It offers customers both edge and cloud-based control options, with a management platform equipped with an intuitive interface for streamlining data management and enhancing operational efficiency. A comprehensive overhaul of the legacy Digi Connect Sensor+ product, Digi Connect Sensor X RT-M addresses the need for efficient remote monitoring in low/no power environments through its dual-battery extended run time and robust design. Digi Connect Sensor XRT -M is a rugged, battery-powered monitoring solution equipped with versatile I/O for remote sensor connections, enabling cost-effective data collection from remote assets in minutes.

The new Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is enhanced by seamless integration with the Digi Axess management platform. This means enterprises will benefit from multiple connection options and gain access to a cloud-based control solution that offers unparalleled scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. Whether deployed as a standalone cloud platform or integrated seamlessly into existing systems, Digi Axess empowers businesses to harness remote monitoring and control capabilities.

Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M will be sold in accordance with Digi?s new ?monitoring and control as-a-service? pricing model, in which additional service options are included with the cost of the product at the time of purchase. The Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M solution includes one year of access to the Digi Axess platform, enabling seamless integration and management of equipment data for enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined data management.

This next-generation solution supports the full range of infrastructure monitoring applications its customers are deploying, including: Critical infrastructure and civil engineering projects; Water/wastewater monitoring and remote management; Environmental monitoring; Industrial automation and control. Tailored for businesses in precision agriculture, municipal water utilities, mining, and industrial gas and chemical verticals seeking seamless remote data collection, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is ideal for water level monitoring, environmental compliance and equipment performance optimization. Boasting both digital and analog inputs, Connect Sensor XRT-M provides adaptability and dynamic capabilities beyond the norm.

With configurable DC voltage level output, it can power industry-standard sensors, offering versatility in monitoring solutions. Key Features of Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M include: Extended battery life with lightweight cloud connection and dual 14.5 Ah batteries; Rated for industrial environments with wide temperature range, C1D2 certification with NEMA enclosure; Device health and sensor data stored in Digi Axess; Configurable read and report intervals; Connect to and power multiple sensors; Compatible with a wide range of industry-standard sensors; Modbus protocol support Global cellular coverage. Unlike competitors, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M provides 22-amp hours of power, making it an impeccably strong, efficient and long-lasting device with 100% more power per battery lifecycle.

Availability: Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is available for immediate purchase.