Business description: Digi International Inc.

Digi International Inc. is a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products, services and solutions. The Company helps its customers deploy, monitor and manage critical communications infrastructures. Its segments include IoT Products and Services, and IoT Solutions. The IoT Products and Services segment offers products and services that help original equipment manufacturers as well as enterprise and government customers create and deploy secure IoT connectivity solutions. These include embedded and wireless modules, console servers, enterprise and industrial routers as well as other infrastructure management equipment. The Company also provides its customers with a device management platform as well as other professional services. The IoT Solutions segment consists of SmartSense by Digi business and managed network-as-a-service business. It offers wireless temperature and other condition-based monitoring services as well as employee task management services.

Number of employees: 822

Sales by Activity: Digi International Inc.

Fiscal Period: September20192020202120222023

Iot Products & Services

215M 250M 264M 298M 346M

Iot Solutions

38.92M 29.74M 44.46M 90.58M 99.17M
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Geographical breakdown of sales: Digi International Inc.

Fiscal Period: September20192020202120222023

North America, Primarily The United States

184M 213M 228M 302M 324M

Europe, Middle East & Africa

39.9M 40.08M 46.02M 53.61M 69.98M

Rest of World

30.28M 25.71M 34.68M 32.2M 51.16M
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Managers: Digi International Inc.

Manager TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 56 17/14/17
Public Communications Contact - -
General Counsel 56 19/11/19
Corporate Officer/Principal - -

Members of the board: Digi International Inc.

Director TitleAgeSince
Chairman 57 03/13/03
Chief Executive Officer 56 17/14/17
Director/Board Member 68 15/15/15
Composition of the Board of Directors

Shareholders: Digi International Inc.

BlackRock Advisors LLC
15.35 %
5,582,130 15.35 % 128 M $
Conestoga Capital Advisors LLC
9.948 %
3,618,380 9.948 % 83 M $
Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.
8.846 %
3,217,876 8.846 % 74 M $
DFA Australia Ltd.
6.450 %
2,346,223 6.450 % 54 M $
Fidelity Management & Research Co. LLC
5.276 %
1,919,060 5.276 % 44 M $
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Company details: Digi International Inc.

Digi International, Inc.

9350 Excelsior Boulevard Suite 700

55343, Hopkins

+952 912 3444
address Digi International Inc.(DGII)

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+1.04%+5.28%-35.97%+32.68% 947M
+1.29%-3.23%+101.87%+263.96% 107B
-1.49%-8.98%+6.51%+109.56% 68.04B
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-0.19%-0.27%+26.59%+34.86% 12.11B
Average -0.50%-0.92%+23.34%+87.19% 36.8B
Weighted average by Cap. -0.34%-2.81%+45.98%+132.44%
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