Boeing is going through a period of low deliveries, the lowest since 2021. The company is facing investigations from the FAA and is working to improve production quality and stabilise operations. This first quarter has been particularly disappointing, with deliveries even lower than expected, despite a stock of already-built aircraft that require only minor modifications before being delivered to customers.

The major issue for Boeing during this period is cash management. The aerospace giant is due to unveil an action plan to improve production quality. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, a production rate of 38 Boeing 737 aircraft per month is expected for the fourth quarter. The loss of a part on an aircraft destined for Alaska Airlines was a major blow, accentuating the importance of controlling expenditure.

Boeing's financial results, due on 24 April, are eagerly awaited. The company's shares have fallen by more than 30% since the start of the year, recording daily declines over the last seven days. To reverse this trend, Boeing needs to improve its manufacturing processes and increase the production rate of the 737, its most profitable product.

The announced departure of CEO Dave Calhoun adds to the uncertainty, leaving the company and its investors to await the strategy of the future leader. This transition period is proving complex for those looking to invest in Boeing, waiting to see what direction the new management will take to turn things around.


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