Arqit Quantum Inc. and CableFree: Wireless Excellence Ltd. announced the availability of integrated quantum-safe cellular technology products for Private 5G networks using Symmetric Key Agreement. Private enterprise networks based on 5G cellular technology are accelerating digital transformation across industries including manufacturing, healthcare, defence and smart cities. Private 5G gives enterprises access to high-speed, massively scalable, and ultra-reliable wireless connectivity, allowing them to implement innovative IoT and mobile solutions that enhance productivity, drive automation and improve customer engagement.

The security of these networks will be paramount as they will support safety-critical infrastructure and carry highly sensitive data. 5G networks coupled with direct-to-device connectivity, has significantly expanded the attack surface allowing cyber adversaries to launch attacks on a broader scale and at faster speeds. The integration of CableFree?s 5G Small Cell Radios with Arqit?s Symmetric Key Agreement encryption technology delivers enhanced security for Private 5G networks and are now available to customers worldwide.

Using zero trust architecture, these standards-compliant products deliver rotating authentication, making data harvesting useless.