S&P/TSX Composite index




Delayed Toronto S.E. 01:23:46 16/07/2024 am IST 5-day change 1st Jan Change
22,746 PTS +0.32% Intraday chart for S&P/TSX Composite index +2.81% +8.53%

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PrairieSky Brief: RBC Capital Markets Has Forecast "Largely Drama-Free" Q2 Results Expected for Canadian E&P Cos, Including PSK MT
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Bank of Canada Business Outlook Survey; Overview For Second Quarter of 2024 MT
Canada Brief: BoC Adds While both measures have improved substantially in recent quarters, they remain higher than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic MT
Canada Brief: BoC Says Consumers' perceptions of inflation are unchanged from a quarter ago, but their expectations for near-term inflation declined significantly MT
Canada Brief: BoC Adds Most firms that made "Abnormally Large" price increases in the past 12 months do not plan to do so again in the coming year MT
Canada Brief: BoC Notes Although they remain above average, wage and inflation expectations are easing MT
Canada Brief: BoC Notes While few firms are planning layoffs, labour markets are widely seen as continuing to soften MT
Canada Brief: Bank of Canada Says Results from Business Outlook Survey and the Business Leaders' Pulse continue to signal weak demand, which is weighing on investment and hiring plans MT
Canada Stocks Brief: Bank of Canada's Business Outlook Survey and Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations Due Today at 10.30am ET MT
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