Tim Cook

Tim Cook

Chief Executive Officer at APPLE INC.

Net worth: 695 M $ as of 30/06/2024

62 year
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Timothy D. Cook is, since the resignation of Steve Jobs August 24, 2011, the CEO of Apple Inc.

Tim Cook grew up in Alabama. His father worked in a shipyard and his mother was a housewife. Graduated in 1982 from Auburn University in Alabama in industrial engineering, he obtained his MBA in 1988 at Duke University in North Carolina, one of the most prestigious American universities.

Tim Cook has worked for 12 years at IBM, where he supervised the production and distribution in North America and Latin America. Then, he joined Compaq and became vice president in charge of the production, the procurement and the inventory management.

Steve Jobs poached himself Tim Cook at Compaq in 1997. Tim Cook joined Apple in March 1998, a year after the return of Steve Jobs at the helm. Under the authority of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook is responsible of the supply chain managing: sales, support, customer services. He works for all markets where the company is present.
Tim Cook puts in place a strategy: the company must reduce its products range and the number of distributors and resellers. Another strategy initiated by Tim Cook: subcontracting in Asia. Tim Cook is the man of the relocation in the company.

In 2000, Tim Cook became director of international sales, and in 2004 he took head of the Macintosh division, which is responsible of MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac.
Since that day, Mac sales are constantly raising. Tim Cook knows how to sell. These excellent results allow him to evolve in the company. In 2007 Tim Cook became Chief Operating Officer of the company.

In 2004, when Steve Jobs was convalescing after a surgery against a pancreatic cancer, Tim Cook replaced him for two years. In 2009, Steve Jobs takes leave for a liver transplant; Tim Cook is CEO during several months. In January 2011, even if he is on the sick list, Steve Jobs is always CEO but Tim Cook is at the helm of the company daily.

Tim Cook is a brilliant man and very intelligent. Less impulsive than his predecessor, he can seem emotionally detached and implacable. This is a quiet man who does very few public appearances.

Tim Cook is on the Board of Directors of Nike, where he took lessons in marketing in contact with Phil Knight, the founder of Nike.

Known holdings in public companies

CompanyDateNumber of sharesValuationValuation date
02/04/2024 3,280,180 ( 0.02% ) 691 M $ 30/06/2024
12/09/2023 50,424 ( 0.00% ) 4 M $ 30/06/2024

Tim Cook active positions

APPLE INC. Chief Executive Officer 24/08/2011
NIKE, INC. Director/Board Member 17/11/2005
Director/Board Member 09/08/2010
Director/Board Member 01/01/2015
Director/Board Member 01/04/2016
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Former positions of Tim Cook

Corporate Officer/Principal 01/01/1998
Corporate Officer/Principal 01/01/1997
IBM Corporate Officer/Principal 01/01/1994
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Training of Tim Cook

Duke University Masters Business Admin
Auburn University Undergraduate Degree

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